Jeans & Development:2009年 04月の記事

The Robot Scientist ? [General]



The Automation of Science

The basis of science is the hypothetico-deductive method and the recording of experiments in sufficient detail to enable reproducibility. We report the development of Robot Scientist "Adam," which advances the automation of both. Adam has autonomously generated functional genomics hypotheses about the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and experimentally tested these hypotheses by using laboratory automation. We have confirmed Adam's conclusions through manual experiments. To describe Adam's research, we have developed an ontology and logical language. The resulting formalization involves over 10,000 different research units in a nested treelike structure, 10 levels deep, that relates the 6.6 million biomass measurements to their logical description. This formalization describes how a machine contributed to scientific knowledge.


The Robot Scientist

PHP 5.3 RC1 [プログラミング]


PHP 5.3 RC1が出たらしい。主な新しい機能は、次の通りだそうだ。


サイト名を変更しました [General]


30周年を記念してというわけでもないのですが、サイト名を、『目から鱗 w/SQLite』から『Jeans & Development』に、変更しました。

この、Jeans & Developmentという名について、たいした意味はありません。タダのしゃれです(Jeans to Sellsも考えた)。あえて言うならば、私の今後の方向性を示唆している、あるいは示唆できていたら良いなというところです。